Boston Fives Fall 2017 League Tournament Format

We have a good pulse of the competitive level of the top teams in our league and other leagues. The Seeding Stage One (1) is geared towards new teams in our league and existing teams wanting to move up to play better competition. These games are used for qualifiers only.

(B)  GROUP STAGE 2: This is a simulation of the software program that was designed to schedule and track Group Stage Two (2) through the final Knockout Stage – The Main Event (3).

Group stage scoring is broken up into  i. Score (3pts for a win, 2pts for a tie and 0pts for a loss), ii. Tie Breaker (TB) Common Opponent, and iii. Points Differential (a teams actual TD scores from a match).

Below is a simulation of the Final Standings of the Group Stage (Image 1).

Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 9.04.43 AM
Image 1)

(C) THE KNOCKOUT STAGE – The Double Elimination Main Event. Groups get split up into a Division A – CUP Tournament CUP, Division B – PLATE Tournament PLATE, Division C – RIBBON Tournament  and so on.This is known as your Group’s MAIN EVENT. Remember, if you are avancing out of the LOSER Brackett, you must run the table to win it all and if your team’s first loss is in the first championship game, you will play a rubber match.

Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 9.04.16 AM
Image 2)

Below (Image 3) is how Afternoon Delight won the championship  in our simulation – winning 4 games without a loss.

Screenshot 2017-08-16 at 9.02.25 AM
Image 3)

(A) Seeding Stage 1 – Round Robin (2 Games)
(B) Group Stage 2 – 8 Teams (7 Games)
(C) Final Stage  3- Main Event Double Elimination Finale (2 Games Minimum)

(A) Seeding Stage 1 – Pick 1 Date for a  Double-header OR pick 2 Dates for two Saturday Single Games.
Saturday, September 2
Sunday, September 3
Saturday, September 9
Sunday, Septemer 10
Saturday, September 16
Sunday, September 17

(B) Group Stage 2 – Pick 4 Dates, 3 Double-headers, 1 Single Game
Saturday, September 23
Saturday, September 30
Sunday, October 1
Saturday, October 7
Sunday, October 8
Saturday, October 14
Saturday, October 21
Saturday, October 28

(B*) Make-up Games 
Saturday, November 4 if necessary for teams, can also be used for single game Group Stage 2 game.

(C) Final Knockout Stage 3 – The Main Event – 4-6 Double Elimination Tournaments
Final tournaments are based on your position from the Group Stage based on Scoring Points earned.
Round 1, Round 2, Losers Round 1
Saturday, November 11 or Sunday, November 12

Losers Round 2, Losers Round 3, Semi-Finals
Saturday, November 18 or Sunday, November 19

Loser Round 4, Finals, Double-Finals if necessary
Sunday, December 3