Team Registration

  • Spring & Fall Season: The format will be our traditional CCFL League with 7 season games and a final single elimination tournament based on group play or divisional play. Tournaments will vary using point system and group play. Tourney Package will be mailed to captains.
  • Final division placement is at the discretion of the CCFL. If you want to join as an individual, please visit our Free Agents page to register.
  • Player Roster

  • Additional players may be added or removed by season deadlines. The commissioner will announce when all final rosters must be submitted. All players must play a certain number of games to qualify for the playoffs. For the Fall 2023 Season, a minimum of 4 games must be played. Scrimmage games count toward this requirement. Medical hardship situations will be considered and must be brought to the attention of the commissioner by the team captain. A team can only add substitute players from other teams up until the 6th game of the season (7 game season). Substitutes can only be players from registered individuals within the CCFL. The CCFL will make announcements for team captains looking to fill their roster for an upcoming game if they feel they will be short players. The CCFL discourages forfeiting games and if 2 or more games are forfeited, the league can make a decision to remove your team from the remaining season schedule. Any other friend, pick-up, sub, last-minute player, etc. must register via the CCFL website and pay a $30 substitute fee to play in that scheduled game. At this point, they can be added to a teams roster but still must play the minimum number of games to qualify for the playoffs. If a player has not submitted a participation waiver at any time during the season, he will be disqualified. Separate rules apply for Boston Fives.
  • Captains, please use this link to sign your participation waiver. Please pass this along to all team members. They will have to fill this waiver out before they can be added to your final roster and score/stats card.
  • Flex Scheduling

  • There are NO schedule requests. Schedule requests (by Captains only) are due by week 1 for the season, and must be submitted by email or with registration. Byes are by request only, unless noted otherwise by the CCFL. Captains may submit a maximum of three (1) date-specific schedule requests; max of 1 bye request for the season up until the 6th game of a 8 game season. No standing game times (i.e., ALL games at 8:30am). No standing blocks (i.e., NO games at 8:30am). You can make special requests for times no later than 12:00pm ten days prior to your next game to be played. It is highly recommended to give notice via email to the commissioner regarding any other scheduling conflicts. There will be other League-wide bye weekends due to holidays, permitting constraints and poor weather/field condition. Other team circumstances will be considered. No special requests are guaranteed. A minimum of 4 games must be played for a player to be eligible for the playoffs or double elimination tournament. Final changes in roster must be submitted no later than the 3rd week of the season. Hardships and injuries of a player that affect team rosters will be considered when evaluating playoff rosters.

Terms of Participation