Flex Scheduling

Special Request
Schedule requests (by Captains only) are due by week 1, and must be submitted by email or with registration. Byes are by request only, unless noted otherwise by the CCFL. Captains may submit a maximum of three (3) date-specific schedule requests; max of 1 bye request for the season up until the 10th game of a 12 game season. No standing game times (i.e., ALL games at 8:45am). No standing blocks (i.e., NO games at 8:45am).You can make special requests for times no later than 12:00pm the Monday prior to your next game to be played. It is highly recommended to give notice via email to the commissioner regarding any other scheduling conflicts. There will be other League-wide bye weekends due to holidays, permitting constraints and poor weather/field condition. Other team circumstances will be considered. No special requests are guaranteed.

Preferred Game Times
Game times are not guaranteed. We group games in time slots of 3: 830am, 930am, 10a30m; 1145am, 1245pm, 145pm: and 245pm, 345pm. Rarely will we have games at 345pm, 445pm but if we need to make games up, this may occur.

Weekly Schedule
Weekly games schedule will be posted by mid-week to accommodate the Monday requests. Games will be first posted on the CCFLBoston.com website and then a weekly reminder via email to captains will be sent.