Boston Fives Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GoRouteVintage(FAQ): Did you say Post or Corner?

This format was used for our Fall 2017 Saturday Season. We will use Boston Fives format for Spring 2019 at Daly Field on Sundays.

Why this format?
First of all, Boston Fives is an exciting format. Teams can utilize, and be satisfied with always playing a double-header each pool play date. We’ve all played leagues that are 45 minute games, you lose and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. With this format, you get a second chance. Plus we have teams that come from Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and even New Jersey – this will help them fully utilize their travel time and be flexible enough to qualify for the minimum number of games for the season ending double elimination tournament – The Boston Fives Main Event.

Secondly, we want to end the argument and crown the mythical best 5v5 Men’s Team. This should decide who the best team is in Greater Boston and even beyond. You can’t determine that in an annual 20 minute-a-game tournament.

We are modeling our format after FIFA, The Basketball Tournament, or Rugby 7s World Championships.

How much is the league?
It is $880 per team of 8 players. Or $110 a player with a cap of 10 registered players and 2 Alternate players. A team’s final roster can not have more than 12 qualifying players for the Main Event.

The additional registered player fee is the only fee that has increased. This will knock off the “undecided” type of player off your roster and spread the talent throughout the league. 

How do I register my team?
To put things into perspective, we had 46 teams in our fall 2016 league. We can only commit to the first 32 teams at this time. The remaining teams will be put on a waiting list after the first round of teams have registered. This remaining 16 teams may or may not be involved in the Boston Fives League Tournament format.  The format will be the regular CCFL Boston format of 10 games and a playoff tournament.

The selection process is by invitation and will be in this order (1) 2016 Division Champs (2) 2016 Division Runner-ups (3) 3+ year veteran teams (4) 2 Free Agent Teams (5) Remaining League. (6) Open for all new teams.

This does not guarantee a spot, but it will be a temporary place holder for one of the pools. Once the registration process is complete, your team will be a lock for the season.

I will add teams on a daily basis starting August 7 to our website.

Building Teams & Rosters?
A player can not be on more than one roster for the final seeding of teams in their respective Main Event Tournament (ie. Comp Division 1 Tournament, Open Division 2 Tournament). This includes an Alternate player on a team’s roster.

Comp Division 1: 
Any competitive player allowed, invitation only

Open Division 2: 
Max 4 Comp D1 players on your roster

Open Division 3: 
A max of 3 players from a higher division with a max 2 Comp D1 players on your 
roster, or Max of 3 D2 players on your roster

Rec Division 4 & 5: 
Max of combination of 3 D2 & D3 players allowed on your roster. 
No D1 players allowed.

Teams will be allowed to have “Subs” or use their Alternate on their roster the day of a pool play for $30 (Double-header). They can eventually be added to a team’s main roster, but they must qualify for the final Main Event. (4 total games played). If a player’s name is not on a referee’s game card, they can NOT play.

Are Free Agents eligible?
Yes. We will place you on a team or you will be part of the draft and join an existing team. Free agent fee is $120 and includes all fees. A free agent is entitled to the draft, scrimmages, a minimum of 4 to 5 pool plays (8 to 10 games) and the Main Event. 

When is payment due?
$220 is due once you register your team. Right now we are only allowing the first 32 teams. Last fall we had 46 teams in our league. There will be  waiting list. The remaining team balance is due 10 days after.

Where are the games played?
For over 18 seasons we’ve played our fall season at Cleveland Circle in Brighton MA. Hence, the CC in CCFL. The City of Boston is remodeling our park and we do not want to risk our regular season being interrupted by the construction dates they have set. Therefore, we worked with the city and they have granted us Saturdays on Smith Field in Allston, MA.

We move to the turf fields of Charlestown as the colder weather begins to set in November – the start of the double elimination tournament.

What is Pool Play Format?
Our pool play is set up where your team will play 2 teams in a 3/4 team pool. There will be two main pools (1) A Seeding Stage and (2) A Group Stage. We will do our best to match the competition level for every pool based on past season records.

Seeding Stage – Round Robin (2 Games)
Group Stage – 8 Teams (7 Games)

Final Stage – Main Event Double Elimination Finale (2 Games Minimum)

How many games are played in a pool?
Your team will have a double header within a 2-3 hour block every pool play stage date.

How many pool dates are there?
Right now there are 8 to 9 Saturdays of pool dates your team can select from. Basically, your team will create its own schedule.

How are the Pools split up?
We will primarily use past records based on CCFL and other leagues. There will be only a Competitive(D1),  Open Division  (D2/D3), Rec Division (D4/D5). However, the final double elimination will consist of up to 6 to 7 different tournaments with its own unique name.

What is the Main Event?
The Boston Fives Main Event is the the final tournament. It will be broken up into 6 to 7 separate double elimination tournaments.

Comp Division 1 (6- 8 Teams)

Open Division 2 (8- 16 Teams)

Legends Division 3 (6- 8 Teams)

Pioneers Division 4 (6- 8 Teams)

Rec Division 5 (6- 8 Teams)

Lazy Boy Division 6 (Tentative Number of Teams)

At-Large Invitational 7 (Tentative Number of Teams)

What are the dates?
Captains Draft will start in August. Saturday and Sunday mornings when available.

Pools will be tentatively be Session 1 at 830am/920am back-to-back, and Session 2 at 1110am/1100am back-to-back.

Seeding Stage
(Pick 1 Date, Double-header or another option is to pick 2 Dates and play a Single Game)

Saturday, September 2: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Sunday, September 3: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, September 9: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Sunday, September 10: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, September 16: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Sunday, September 17: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA

Group Stage (Pick 4 Dates, 3 Double-headers, 1 Single Game)

Saturday, September 23: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, September 30: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, October 7: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, October 14: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, October 21: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, October 28: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA

Make-up Games

Sunday, September 17: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA
Saturday, November 4: 8:30am Smith Field, Allston, MA

Main Event Double-Elimination Tournament

Saturday, November 11: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA
Sunday, November 12: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA

Saturday, November 18: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA
Sunday, November 19: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA

Saturday, December 2: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA
Saturday, December 3: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA

Saturday, December 9: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA
Saturday, December 10: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA

Make-up Dates
Saturday, December 16: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA
Saturday, December 17: 8:30am Charlestown HS, Boston, MA

Additional dates and locations will be added for make-up games to qualify for the Main Event Boston 5s Championship Tournament. The main event – Boston Fives Championship will be held at Charlestown High School November through December. Schedule and locations may vary.

Who chooses the dates?
Your team selects the dates they are available to play from the list of dates above. On the team registration, we will ask you your order of preference for 6 dates and two guaranteed BYE dates. Your first 4 choices will be matched with other teams first 4 the best that we can. Your 5th pool date will be your Friendly matches and will not be used towards points. These games will be used for assessment for final pools and tie breaker evaluations. We will only use 4 pool play dates (8 games) for your total score to be used for your seeding in the Main Event.

Where are the fields?
All Saturday games have been permitted for Smith Field in Allston, MA and Charlestown High School in  Boston, MA. We

What are qualifying games?
Each Pool Play consists of a 2 games on the same day. There will be an option for a single games or Triple-header upon commissioner approval. Qualifying make-ups will be made up prior to the Main Event.

A Team must play all Group Stage games (7 games). Draft, Scrimmages and Friendlies do no count toward qualifying games for a Team.

Scrimmages and Seeding Stage gams will only count towards a Player’s qualifiation for the Main Event. A combintion of at least 5 games will qualify a player.

What are the rules?
A modified version of CCFL rules will be used with a few changes due to the tournament style. The rules will be similar to the local leagues – R&G, MassFlag and CCFL. Abbreviations to the rules will include length of field, number of downs, duration of game and allowable contact.

How long are games?
The entirety of one game will be roughly 40 to 50 minutes. A team can expect to play 2 games each pool play date. In most cases, games will be back-to-back for pool play. There is a possibility of 40 to 60 minute gap between at least one of your games – this occurs in scheduling due to field availability and number of teams in a pool for a given date.

With the exception of the Main Event, a team’s 2 game schedule should fit in a 3 hour time slot. Because of the double elimination format, a team may have to play 3 games in one day to advance.