Boston Flag Football is Back! Permits are in hand and we are starting the CCFL Fall 2014 season this Sunday with scrimmages. We will continue to scrimmage teams and free agents up until the start of the season including Week 1. Registration Deadline is August 27.

Here is an update of all the teams that have registered and are strong commits for the 3 divisions for the CCFL Fall 2014 season (Revised 8/25).

Competitive Division1. Afternoon Delight 2. Boston Raiders 3. Magic Men 4. Mickey’s Thicky 5. Rehab 6. We Chose D2 7. Cashn’ Belichiks 8. High Times (No response: Beastmode, Prime Time)

Open Division
1.  Havoc 2. Vicious & Delicious 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. The Bad Boys 5. Marauders 6. Hounds 7. Moxie 8. Red Raiders  9. D.K.X. (No response: Ballz Deep, Weymouth Toasters)

Rec Division
1. Big TDs 2. Larry Sellers 3. M-Dubbs 4. Morning Wood 5. Legion 6. Show Me Your TDs 7. Turn Down For Wat 8. Bucs 9. TFB (No response: Mass Appeal)

In addition, we will have approximately 3 Free-Agent Teams for the Open and Rec Divisions.

Its not to late to submit your registration and secure a spot in the league.
Deadline for Team Registration and League Fee is Wednesday, August 27, 2014.
Direct any inquiries to Andrew at for an immediate response.

For all the CCFL Captains and Players who have moved on, thanks for your participation and good luck. Hope to cya on the fields again.