Summer Commissioner Letter June 18, 2013

Hello Captains and Players,

Thanks once again for a great Sunday of flag football. I’m excited about the competition level of the teams  – and although the summer league is priority, I see the the hard work players are putting in as they prepare for a great fall season.

I’m including captains for our fall season in this email just to rehash some points and rules that we are working on during our “development” summer season. I am working on an online waiver that all players will have to sign to play. The players love the YMCA field and I want to try to incorporate some fall games with this field if I can work out a deal with the YMCA for time slots that don’t interfere with the Patriots schedule and the many morning requests we receive.

That said, I have to reiterate how important it is as gentlemen and players to be as respectful as possible to each other, guests, fans and other people around who are enjoying the facility.  I have ejected a player from our summer league and our upcoming fall league due to inappropriate behavior and egregious unsportsmanlike conduct towards myself and other players this past Sunday. Myself, the referee staff, captains and players will not be subjected to this behavior when the whole point of the league is to have fun and get some burn.

I am going to be utilizing our website and our facebook/CCFLBoston page to keep everyone updated with the ongoings of the season and flag football in Boston. I am anticipating 3 divisions of 6/8 teams for each division so start planning. There are some captains and teams I mentally grandfather in, but please confirm earlier than usual since there will most likely be bubble teams for the Competitive (D1) and Open (D2) Divisions.

Please let me know if any teams are interested in pre-season games with some of our summer teams. I’ll make an effort to put some games together.

Enjoy your summer gentlemen and hope to cya on the fields sooner than later.