CCFL 12 Rules If In Doubt


The “If in Doubts” have been developed to provide guidance on the desired course of action when an official may be unsure. Generally, these guidelines recommend not calling a foul in questionable situations, allow play to continue instead of blowing the play dead, and give the team the benefit of more favorable field position when it is difficult to determine where the ball is to be spotted. Please take some time to learn as a player and understand how each of the ‘If in Doubts” rules apply in game situations when it becomes necessary. This will give players a better understanding how the referee is managing the game.

  1. If in doubt, continue the game.
  2. If in doubt, consider the safety of all paramount to the game.
  3. If in doubt, it is a catch.
  4. If in doubt, it is not a foul.
  5. If in doubt, apply conserving time/consuming time.
  6. If in doubt, a snap close to the ground remains live.
  7. If in doubt, the flag has been pulled.
  8. If in doubt, the ball is released.
  9. If in doubt, the pass is backward.
  10. If in doubt, the passer is behind the scrimmage line.
  11. If in doubt, the pass is legal.
  12. If in doubt,it is a touchback.

    And if you are still in doubt, drop Andrew an email with your question, concern or protest to