Captain’s Rule Changes 2018


Hello Captain & Co-Captains,

The last time we had a vote for rule changes was the 2014 season. Since the popularity of flag football has increased over the last few years, there’s been many new leagues and tournaments that have jumped onto the scene. Many teams from our league have participated in many of these new formats and have come from the college flag football ranks (NIRSA) as well. This is an opportunity for us to revamp and tweak some of our rules that will help improve our league and prepare our teams for other styles of play beyond men’s 5-vs-5 style of play.

Each team will have two votes where the Captain can allow an additional vote (the Co-captain, coach or teammate). In addition I will add a comment section that will help me implement new ideas. These comments will not necessarily have a vote, but will be recommendations that I will try to implement if they are beneficial to the league. For example, implementing a stat for centers which is more of an accolade than a rule change.

Although not crucial, your participation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

League Commissioner

CCFL Rules & Procedure Revisions

  • Thanks for taking the time to give us your input and feedback. Please put some thought into this since it affects your teams style of play and the type of league you want to participate in. These are suggestions to some rule changes as well as items we need to focus on for the upcoming season. The questions are in no particular order of importance. A revised CCFL Rulebook & Manual will be distributed to all captains and available upon request prior to the start of the season. Please leave any comments at the end of the survey or feel free to email me direct.