Boston Fives 2017 Men’s 5v5 Rankings

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1 Magic Men CCFL
5X consecutive CCFL league champs Comp Division 2012 to 2016. Make big plays when it matters most. “Outstanding!”. No fear, will run into a burning building.
2 NSSFL Mass Flag
2016 & 2017 Big Bowl Champions, Multiple league and tournament championships. Pioneers of flag football in the North Shore. Its a league All-Star team.- may drop their ranking. Stock v
3 Manchester Rage BLITZ NH
Finished off their past season 6-1 with their third franchise Championship. BLITZ League rules most compatible with BOS5 rules which boost their rank. And and 0 in their next league will make them move up a spot. Stock < >
4 Franchise R&G
Multiple R&G league championships Gold Division. Has played every quality opponent, but also a lot of buster teams from weaker leagues and tournament. They are the real deal, but need quality wins outside their familiar circuit. Stock ^
5 Rehab CCFL
Two of the most prolific players in flag football history, 3x consecutive CCFL league champs in the Comp Division. Newton’s finest at one point. Sat out a year hopefully to revamp and rehab an aging but experienced roster. Window is closing for them to win one more big one in this decade.Stock v
6 Take Over Mass Flag
Current Mass Flag A Division Champs. Can crack top 3 if they can beat one of the top 5 teams head’s up.
7 Da Beers R&G
Multiple R&G league championships Gold Division.
8 Stumps With Attitude CCFL
Representing the South Shore. 2017 Boston Fives Summer League Champs undefeated. 2016 CCFL Open Champs, 2014 Rec Champs. Possibly a top 3 QB in the area. Speed at every position. Will have a tough time against taller teams. Stock v
9 Boston Raiders CCFL
CCFL 2012 D2 Champs, top 5 highest scoring teams in the league, past tournament championships, a family affair with the Ortiz’s. MVP caliber QB in Chelo and Receiver Jari Plaud.
10 Flag Flag All Stars Flag Flag
Yearly draft moves some of the best Flag Flag members to new teams to keep parity within the league. Their best tournament players will compete nose to nose with the list’s top 10
11 Micky’s Thicky CCFL
Heroes Tournament Winner 2014, West Roxbury’s Regan brothers bring it every game. Haven’t quite grasped the dimensions of flag rules football. Luke Regan can drop the pill in the basket 50 yards with ease. Athletes at every position.
12 Havoc CCFL/Mass Flag
Solid in the second tier divisions with multiple championships, need to win consistently in the highest level of competition before they can crack top 10. Lost a big time pass rusher in J Joseph. I over heard a referee say, “Every team needs a Jay on their team”. Stock ^
13 Afternoon Delight CCFL
Could easily be top 5 during their early years based on their multiple championships, have slipped since their 2013 finals game loss. Need an injection of youth and speed to keep the tradition going. Scott Peterson – the ball player, still the best I’ve ever seen in flag.
14 Beastmode CCFL/R&G
One of the most athletic teams, one of the most murcurial teams, YMCA summer league champs 2012, 2014 RG Silver Champs, BSSC Summer 2016 Champs. Will have to figure out a way to convert softball trophies to football trophies. They need to win a major before they can be considered one of the elite teams. Stock ^
15 Prime Time CCFL/R&G
YMCA Summer League Champs 2013. In their prime, and when properly rostered, one of the most competitive teams in Greater Boston. Lost a chunk of production when 2 of their best players moved to the west coast. Rank might drop because of their age. Stock < >
16 Grave Diggers R&G
Can put up points when their QB shows up and will beat any of the top 10 teams on any given Sunday. But can lose to any of the top 25
17 Athlete HUB
Athletic, great knowledge of the game, argumentative, will travel. Multiple league and tournament championships. Can and will hang with any level of competition in the area. Stock ^
18 High Times CCFL
2013 CCFL Open Champions. Couldn’t regain form once their QB moved back to Southern Cal, and multiple injuries plagued their roster. Need a consistent QB who can throw to their two deep threats in Bones & Fabs . Bring back the funky lettuce.
19 Moxie CCFL
One league championship in the Open Division and multiple Northeastern U intramural championships. Won 25+ games in a row. Mason boys – best brother to brother combo in the area. Speed at the ends. Predictable first play from scrimmage will put up 7 on a team in a blink of an eye. Need size before they can compete in top 10.
20 Villains CCFL/Mass Flag
Blue chip athletes from the North of Boston. Can get feisty, but cool headed ballers. Deadly speed at free safety when Del Torro is on the field. No problem throwing up 50 on a team, but need to bring home a Ship before they are mentioned with the big boys.
21 Bull Rays Mass Flag
Can put up points. Proved they can hang with CCFL style of play. Veteran QB and captain is the anchor of the team with talent at all their reciever spots. Spain will be in MVP contention in any league out there that tracks stats.
22 Reservoir Dogs CCFL
Came back with a vengeance in 2016 to prove an aging QB can still bring home the Ship. 2012 CCFL Open Champs, 2016 CCFL Legends Champs. They rather play a small rosters which could set them back in important games. Comeback Player of the Year in Dr. Allen.
Represesnting the Jumbos of Tufts medical. Smart and athletic. Will be heavy favorites in the CCFL Legends Division.
24 Havoc Coed BSSC
Coed team that could possibly beat most men’s team. Great understanding of the game. Will have trouble with Men’s rules in the long run.
25 We Chose D2 CCFL
Could crush any team…if they were playing with helmets and pads. Blue chip athletes in multiple sports. One of the strongest (and accurate) armed QBs that played in CCFL in Andy Kupec.
26 Godspeed CCFL
Combo QB package in Ortiz and Trojan that creates tough coverage on defenses. Great athletes will move this team up this season if they can keep the band together. College football experience at all the receiver spots. Big loss at the corner in Parris Johnson whose job was to shutdown other offenses’ number ones.
27 Ooouuu CCFL
Break out player in Ty Mullings. Difficulty with upper tier competition. Need another season to gel and figure out their QB position.
28 Dubs CCFL
Another one of the aging QBs in the league keeping opponents on their feet. 2015 CCFL Rec Champs. New additions have already proven results. May have to change their name to Irish Mafia. Will be number one seed again in Legends division
29 Remember The Apes CCFL
Strong armed QB who plays both ways can bring a solid roster of D3 college players to the next level. That solid roster needs to show up. They will upset one of the big boys this season in dramatic fashion. Stock ^
30 Big Ol TDs CCFL
2015 CCFL Legends Champs. Another season under their belt will prove these 20 somethings belong with the upper tier competition. Speed and smarts, lost one of their best players but will continue to rack up wins. Stock ^
31 Regulators CCFL
MVP winner and consistent play maker in Jimmy Botting. Botting brothers well known for their athletic prowess in multiple sports leagues in the area need a few more playmakers around them to bring home a Ship. Stock ^
32 Vicious & Delicious CCFL
Could beat most teams with only 4 players, but inconsistent game day roster always knocked them out of important games
Great understanding of Flag football carried over from BC intramurals. If their players show up, they can beat most teams at their level.
34 Panama Papers CCFL
Representing 5 different colleges, this squad is fast and knowledgeable. Obvious that they’ve been playing together for years. Runner up in the 2016 CCFL Rec Division. Best soccer team in the league. Stock ^
35 Fuchs Boyd CCFL
2 seasons of CCFL. Boston Fives Summer League Group 2 winners. Athletic and exciting to watch. Can crush a team with their fast pace style of play, but will easily let a game slip through their hands. Stock ^
36 EJT Football CCFL
Arlington HS and BC classmates formed this team that had the worst SNAFU in CCFL Championship history. Still a threat if they all show up.
37 Turn Down For Watt CCFL
Representing BU, they have the smallest player and the tallest player in the league. And both are freak athletes. Need to get over the hump and bring home a Division Ship to get to the next level. Stock < >
38 Ballz Deep CCFL
2013 CCFL Rec League Champs. When they were skinny they could improvise and beat any team in their division. Life caught up to them.
39 Red Raiders CCFL
Multiple second place finishes. Vacation and holidays on championship game dates have plagued this team. Best lefty QB in the area. Top 5 pass rusher in the league.
40 Private Ryan’s Parts CCFL
Solid group of athletes. Need to have consistency and an additional deep threat to move these guys up in the rankings. Love the deep ball. Stock ^
41 Weapon X CCFL
2016 CCFL Rec champs. Depending on the day, could easily give higher divison teams a run for their money. Very experienced and collaboration of players across many leagues.
42 Bucs CCFL
One of the best brother to brother combos in the O’Malley brothers at one point. Life just caught up to them. An injection of youth this past year will make this phoenix rise. 2012 Rec Division Champs. Another ladder & engine team. Window is closing to repeat in the lower divisions.
When they show up, they can beat any team. 2 new additions in 2017 along with some other tweaks can move this team up this year. Irish Mafia. Stock < >
44 Danger Zone CCFL
Smart QB in Mark Wilson with a great connection to his main guys. Tough against any opponent, need more team speed to play in the upper divisions. New additions and a great off season will keep this team moving up.
45 Larry Sellers CCFL
Injuries have plagued their QB in crucial times. But consistency has made this team always a dark horse. Have become seasoned veterans.
Stock < >
46 Inflate This CCFL
Aging ballers. Consistent with a solid roster. Need one more playmaker to crack the next level of play. Determined with another season of experience, will give most teams challenge in upcoming season.
47 Unsackable Unsullied CCFL
Solid in some areas, weak in other spots, but great team speed. Consummate lower division competitors at the highest level. Stock < >
48 Rozzi Warriors CCFL
Rosindale’s finest. Injury to one of their best players bumped these guys out of a title run. Sneaky, clever play calling in crucial moments. Great team unity.
49 Wet Bandits CCFL
If they were’nt traveling so much for work, they could beat any team in the league. Consistency issues, but some good athletes and competition when they show up.
50 Legion CCFL
Its a roller coaster ride with this team. Great understanding of the game, then brain farts when it comes to the basics in defining moments. Can win in lower tier leagues with above average play calling. A few key losses will make it a priority to rebuild.
51 Team Masse CCFL
Keeps all games close. Inconsistent roster, but Masse brothers have a great connection and can put up points. Need to get past MVP Andy Dalton back on the field.
52 Boston Massacre CCFL
Got to show Brockton some love. Solid Rec team. Need one more playmaker and a championship to move up the ladder. D Mou is a tough player to defend and can be an MVP candidate if he gets touches.
53 Everett’s Finest CCFL
Their blue chip QB on their roster needs to show up to win games. But the rest of the team does and they love to compete.
54 On Point BSSC
Gritty veterans of multiple leagues. Colin Rose still one of the fastest players in the league.
55 Chopsticks R&G
2013 R & G Silver Champs
56 All Madden CCFL
Consistency at QB determines if this team wins big games. Solid Boston College intramural team, athletic, but needs better understanding of the game to bring them to the next level. Had a strong showing in Boston Fives Summer league – ride that wave.
57 Redemption CCFL
Great consistency and will fight till the end. Need one more reliable player for their roster so they don’t play short against good teams.
58 Big TDs CCFL
This team either gets crushed or loses heartbreakers. Consistent play at QB will elevate this team. 2 of the best past rushers in the league. Highest commitment level by all accounts.
59 More Reliable Than Romo CCFL
Suffolk University Champs. Youth and great understanding of Flag rules. Need to beat better comp to move up the list. Break out player in Nick Valdario.
60 Shaolin Fantastic CCFL
Chippy, but they play hard. A few roster moves and they can get to the next level.
61 Team N.A.F. CCFL
Great QB reciver combo. But need more parts to win them big games.
62 Casa Esperanza CCFL
They won a playoff game and surprised the division on the back of their O.G. Another year under their belts and they can make it to the champsionhip game in their divison.
63 Sons of Dothraki CCFL
New to the game. Some play makers. Another year under their belt and they will be consistent contenders in the lower divisions.
64 Ram Rod CCFL
Cool logo. Can hang with other league competition. Not so much in CCFL Comp Division.
65 Cougars Pride BSSC
Multiple undefeated seasons, pioneers of flag football in the gender play league.